Louvre Lighthearted:
A tour with a local art expert!

Dive deep into the amusing and mesmerizing realm of the Louvre with us!

Price: 115 euro/person

We're not your typical snooze-fest tour

We’re the fun-filled, trivia-packed, chuckle-inducing adventure you've been waiting for. Why is Mona Lisa's smile so talked about? Is she hiding a secret joke? What secrets (and perhaps bloopers) lie within the museum's grand walls?

With our expert local guides, not only will you discover art, but you'll also have a hearty laugh while at it. Say goodbye to silent gallery contemplation and hello to the most lively and lighthearted Louvre experience ever!

Ready for art with a side of humor? Join us and let the Louvre come alive (and giggle) for you!

Meeting point: Outside the pyramid of the Louvre, near the equestrian statue of Louis XIV (sole statue in Louvre’s courtyard) – Paris
Duration: 2 hours
We can customize a tour for you according to your personal needs.
This is the Plan

Kick - off Point

Let's start our artistic escapade right outside the Louvre’s pyramid, just beside the regal equestrian statue of Louis XIV – the sole sentinel in the courtyard. Get ready, Paris!

Inside the Louvre’s Majestic Walls

Once we step in, prepare for an unforgettable journey! From the illustrious Mona Lisa to the elegant Venus of Milo, your local host will spill the secrets. And just when you think that's all, we'll surprise you with tales of hidden treasures few have laid eyes on. Ready to satiate your art-hungry soul and answer every burning question?

Venturing Further

When our lively session winds up, the choice is yours! Continue your exploration inside, soaking in more art, or step outside with your host, who will be more than happy to guide you to Paris’s other must-see spots.

Where Do We Rally?

To start this memorable journey, we’ll gather outside the Louvre’s pyramid, right by Louis XIV's statue. The art-filled adventure begins from there!
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