Embark on a captivating journey through the picturesque landscapes of Normandy with us!

Price: 250 euro/person
A Journey Through History, Nature & Local Delights

Explore a New Side of Normandy! Whether you're a first-time visitor or returning, our tour promises a unique perspective on this region's rich military history, lush landscapes, and natural wonders. Discover medieval abbeys nestled in apple orchards, where tales of knights intertwine with D-Day heroics.

Experience authentic Normandy at family-run farms, sampling world-renowned French beverages like cider and Calvados. Guided by our experts, uncover hidden stories and sights often missed by others. Our small group tours are designed with your preferences in mind, ensuring a personalized touch. Travel comfortably in our luxurious minivan, complete with refreshing amenities

Brief Fact

Did you know? Normandy cows, renowned for their distinctive brown and white spots, not only provide the region with world-famous cheeses like Camembert but also outnumber the human residents in certain areas! So, if you're looking for some friendly "moo-ving" locals on your visit, you're in for a treat!

Meeting point: pick-up in the hotel
Duration: 12 hours.
A tour can be tailored according to your needs.
This is the Plan

Start journey to Normandy

Start your day in the utmost comfort as our modern mini-van collects you for an unforgettable journey to Normandy.

With a knowledgeable tour guide at the helm, our first destination is the historically poignant Omaha Beaches and Arromanches. Here, the echoes of World War II resonate, providing a deep dive into the bravery and sacrifices of those tumultuous times.

 Spirit of Normandy

As history unfolds, we transition to the enchanting ambiance of Honfleur, an old city harbor, awash with color and maritime charm.

Cider Route

But no trip to Normandy would be complete without indulging in its famed culinary offerings. We invite you to explore the traditional cider route, where the exquisite flavors of cider and Calvados await your palate, perfected by centuries of French craft.

Impressive beauty Étretat

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Étretat, where dramatic cliffs embrace the English Channel's azure waves.
As the day concludes, our mini-van ensures a relaxed journey back to Paris, leaving you with a tapestry of memories from a region rich in history, beauty, and taste.
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