Walking Art Tour of Montmartre: Cradle of Impressionism

Dive into Montmartre's art scene with our walking tour, spotlighting the birthplace of Impressionism

Price: 89 euro/person

Cradle of Impressionism or French Las Vegas

Embark on "Walking Art Tour of Montmartre: Cradle of Impressionism or French Las Vegas," and traverse the quaint, once-outskirts of Paris where the impressionist movement blossomed. This intimate promenade invites you to step back into a time when Montmartre was a bucolic village, teeming with artists who would revolutionize the world of art.

Meeting point: Outside the pyramid of the Louvre, near the equestrian statue of Louis XIV (sole statue in Louvre’s courtyard) – Paris
Duration: 2 hours
We can customize a tour for you according to your personal needs.
This is the Plan

Stroll Through History

Your journey will guide you through the rustic streets and alleys that once inspired the likes of Monet, Degas, and Renoir. In the very heart of this historic quarter, you'll tread the paths where these pioneering artists set their easels to capture the ephemeral moments of light and life, giving birth to an artistic legacy that would echo through the ages.

Encounter the Artistic Spirits

As you wander past the ivy-clad houses and hidden studios, you'll feel the presence of the impressionist masters who found their muse in this artistic enclave. With each step, you'll gain insights into the lives of these artists—their struggles, their triumphs, and their enduring influence on the fabric of art history.

A Panoramic Epilogue

Your tour will culminate at the summit of the hill, by the white-domed Sacré-Cœur Basilica, with a view that stretches over Paris, much like the impressionists viewed it—a vast, unfolding canvas. Here, atop Montmartre, you'll grasp the true scale of the impressionist movement's impact, as the cityscape unfurls before you, a modern testament to their revolutionary vision.
What's Included:

  • Expert-guided walking tour with professional art historian;
  • Exclusive access to certain hidden areas of Montmartre;
  • Visit to historically significant art spots and studios;
  • Small group size for a more personal experience;
  • A complimentary map of Montmartre highlighting key impressionist sites;
  • A souvenir postcard featuring impressionist art from the area;
  • Opportunity for a coffee break at a historic café once frequented by the artists (cost of coffee not included);

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