WWI Battlefields: Verdun, Somme & Sir John Monash Centre Tour

Uncover the legacy of World War I: a brief journey through places preserving courage and history
Price - 250 euro/person
Journey Through the Echoes

World War I was the inaugural global conflict, reshaping warfare and tactics forever. Our tour transports you to key battlefields, retracing the steps of valiant soldiers from various nations whose efforts culminated in the 1918 armistice. Beyond the tales of courage, witness France's mesmerizing landscapes, silent guardians of history.

Dive into stories of Parisian taxis rushing to battle, British trenches, Australian tactics, and the unwavering bravery of Americans. Join us on this enlightening journey where history and heroism converge.

Fun Fact
During World War I, some French soldiers actually taxied to the front lines! That's right, in the First Battle of the Marne in 1914, around 600 Parisian taxis were requisitioned to transport troops to the front, earning the conflict a quirky nickname: "The Taxi Cab War"
Meeting point: 18 Avenue De Suffren, 75015 Paris, next to the hotel "Pullman"
You can find it with Google Maps
Duration: 12 hours.
A tour can be tailored according to your needs.

This is the Plan

Towards History

Embark on a profound journey back in time as we depart from Paris to trace the somber echoes of World War I. Our meticulously curated tour takes you to the heart of some of the war's most significant battlefields, weaving history with the poignant tales of valor and sacrifice.

Into the Depths of Bygone Days

Begin with the Meuse-Argonne area, the landscape still bearing the scars of fierce combat. As we move to Verdun, the Ossuary of Douaumont awaits, a solemn testament to the fallen soldiers. The strategic Butte de Vauquois gives insights into the underground warfare, where opposing forces dug in, both literally and figuratively. A brief pause for lunch in Verdun lets you soak in the modern-day serenity, a stark contrast to its tumultuous past.

A Poignant Journey Through the Somme Region's

The journey continues into the Somme region, home to the Lochnagar Crater, an evocative reminder of the war's explosive impact. The highlight of our trip is the Sir John Monash Centre at Villers-Bretonneux, an immersive experience bringing to life the stories of those who fought and fell during the war. Before we head back to Paris, a visit to the town of Villers-Bretonneux and its memorial pays homage to the sacrifices of yesteryears. As the sun sets on our day, we return with memories of a landscape that has witnessed the best and worst of humanity.
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